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  • HM-3-Hearts-on-Wings-New-Energy-Scruffy-650-sq

    Happiness Moments – Featured Collection

  • Front side of greeting card hummer ready to bath and shaking up after

    New Energy – Dive-in and Shake Things Up

    This Broad-billed Hummingbird inspires new Happiness Moments.  Dive into and Shake Things Up today!  Good Luck.

    Three cards, folde...

    From: $2.99
  • Images from 5 Variety Packs - Beautiful

    Variety Packs Mix or Match

    Choose 3 or 10 of the following Variety Packs – and email me your choices.

    1. Variety 1 – All Hummingbirds
    2. Variety 2 – All Flowers
    3. Variety 3 ...
    From: $64.99
  • Six different hummingbird cards Anna male hummingbird shows off his brilliant pink and green feathers covering his head.

    Variety 5 – All Hummingbirds

    Anna, Broad-billed, Costa, Juvenile and “One in a Million” hummingbirds all together.  Stunning colors printed on luxurious glossy paper with fine quality envelopes.  This f...

    From: $24.99
  • wingmagicmug-pp

    Wing Magic Hummingbird Mug

    Find this Broadbill Hummingbird at the birdbath. The left image has a water droplets hanging delightfully from his beak as his wings are slightly out from his body.  As he spreads his wi...

  • Border-less Print

    Costa Leans Back from Preening – Print

    This beautiful Costa hummingbird leans back to take a break from preening in perfect lighting. Enjoy this magnificent sight.

    Or select from other print options below.  (Scroll...

    From: $12.00
  • Iridescent Gorget Feathers fling from this Hummingbird's moving head.  One in a MILLION.

    One in a Million – Shake it up – Print

    Shake things up and see what whirls out into space: iridescent gorget feathers – a most unusual photo.

    SALE: Go to Gift idea: Satin, Mounted 8″ x 6″

    From: $12.00
  • Border-less Print of this PhotoProgression Costa hummingbird's head displayed in three positions during preening

    Costa Hummingbird Preening Progression

    Costa Hummingbird showcases his body positions during preening in elegant lighting. Any Photo Progression shows you more than just a single image can.

    SALE: Large – S...

    From: $12.00
  • 6 photos in Variety Pack 1 all hummingbirds

    Variety Pack 1- All Hummingbirds

    The Original Variety of Hummingbirds to add happiness to your life. Includes the story about photographing them.

    Celebrate Happiness

    From: $24.99