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  • Variety Packs Mix or Match

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    Choose 3 or 10 of the following Variety Packs – and email me your choices.

    1. Variety 1 – All Hummingbirds
    2. Variety 2 – All Flowers
    3. Variety 3 ...
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  • Six different hummingbird cards Anna male hummingbird shows off his brilliant pink and green feathers covering his head.

    Variety 5 – All Hummingbirds

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    Anna, Broad-billed, Costa, Juvenile and “One in a Million” hummingbirds all together.  Stunning colors printed on luxurious glossy paper with fine quality envelopes.  This f...

    From: $24.99
  • Costa Leans Back from Preening – Print

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    This beautiful Costa hummingbird leans back to take a break from preening in perfect lighting. Enjoy this magnificent sight.

    Or select from other print options below.  (Scroll...

    From: $12.00
  • Costa hummingbird's head displayed in three positions during preening

    Costa Hummingbird Preening Progression

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    Costa Hummingbird showcases his body positions during preening in elegant lighting. Any Photo Progression shows you more than just a single image can.

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    From: $12.00
  • Variety Pack 1- All Hummingbirds

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    The Original Variety of Hummingbirds to add happiness to your life. Includes the story about photographing them.

    Celebrate Happiness

    From: $24.99
  • Costa Hummingbird leans back during a break from preening.

    Costa Leans Back from Preening


    This Costa Hummingbird leans back for a moment while preening.

    A high gloss, all occasion 5.5″ x 4.25″ card.

    Keep scrolling way down for more information.

    From: $4.95
  • Costa Drinks from Handheld Feeder


    This trusting Costa comes up to the small handheld feeder while I hold my camera in the other hand! Great experience for both of us.

    A high gloss, all occasion 5.5″ x 4.25&#...

    From: $4.95