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    Costa Leans Back from Preening – Print

    This beautiful Costa hummingbird leans back to take a break from preening in perfect lighting. Enjoy this magnificent sight.

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  • Iridescent Gorget Feathers fling from this Hummingbird's moving head.  One in a MILLION.

    One in a Million – Shake it up – Print

    Shake things up and see what whirls out into space: iridescent gorget feathers – a most unusual photo.

    SALE: Go to Gift idea: Satin, Mounted 8″ x 6″

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  • Hummer-PP-Original-oranges-650-sq

    The Original Hummingbird Photo Progression

    This Original Photo Progression shows three faces of one hummingbird for you to enjoy.

    Progressions comes in standard heights. Their widths vary and are listed below.

    It is ...

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  • Border-less Print of this PhotoProgression Costa hummingbird's head displayed in three positions during preening

    Costa Hummingbird Preening Progression

    Costa Hummingbird showcases his body positions during preening in elegant lighting. Any Photo Progression shows you more than just a single image can.

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  • Full width of 4 views of this Hummingbird in his PhotoProgression

    Hummer – Four view Progression: Head Bent to Colorful

    Four images of this hummingbird gives you lots to contemplate in this Photo Progression.

    Comes in a variety of sizes. See the width dimensions for the standard heights listed below...

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  • Lantana Flower Progression - Full View

    Lantana Flower Photo Progression

    Lantana Flower Progression showcases Lantana flowers from bud to full bloom.

    Comes in a variety of sizes. See the widths available for this image below.

    Unique piece of art ...

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  • Follow the images of the beautiful shapes of Plumbago flowers from bud to full bloom.

    Plumbago Photoprogression 2

    Plumbago PhotoProgression 2 showcases Plumbago flowers from bud to full bloom.

    Comes in a variety of unique sizes; widths listed below for “standard” heights.

    Unique pie...

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  • Border-less Print

    Step into the Magic

    These steps and the yellow of flowers of the Palo Verde tree invite you to retreat to a place of peace and beauty. There is magic here!

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  • Costa Hummingbird with purplely blue crown color drinks from small handheld feeder

    Costa Drinks From Handheld Feeder – Print

    This trusting Costa comes up to the small handheld feeder while I hold my camera in the other hand! Great experience for both of us.

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